Do you tend to struggle when hitting from an uneven lie. What is the most difficult for you? I tend to get more questions about down hill lies than any other, but they are all challenging.

If I could say just one thing to help you, it would be to get your shoulders as close to level to the ground as possible. When this is done you give yourself the chance to swing along the ground rather into it or having the need to compensate to avoid hitting into the ground.

If the slope is too severe to do this then moving your ball position slightly up the hill {more back on down hill lies, and more forward on uphill lies} will help you get the ball at the bottom of your swing.

The idea to understand is getting your ball at the bottom of your swing arch. Make a few practice swings to see where you are tending to strike the ground, and make sure your ball position coincides.

As in any swing, try to resist the urge to hit the ball too hard. Make sure to make a balanced swing under control.