Raleigh, North Carolina at WilMar Golf Club


Durham, North Carolina at Umstead Pines Country Club


Beaufort, South Carolina at Sanctuary Golf Club

Oxford, North Carolina at The Golf Zone Practice and Learning Center

Are you satisfied with your golf game?

Let PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching Brad Clayton help you and he will personally guarantee that one of his Learning Programs will get you lasting, positive results!

PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching Brad Clayton offers video swing analysis and a host of tools and techniques that will help any player.

Read what people are saying about Brad:

Hey Brad:
Happy New Year:
I took advantage of the warm winter weather today and managed 7 holes before the rains came. I managed many excellent shots without too much arm swinging. I am beginning to believe you were right!!! looking forward to some additional good weather. It was the most enjoyable 7 holes I ever playes
thanks – Chuck

I’ve taken lessons from dozens of pros over the years and I’ve never seen any who match Brad in skill, patience and intuition. I’m a talent less hack with almost no athletic ability and Brad has worked wonders for me. Brad Clayton uses video analysis and feedback that makes me “feel” my errors, and he stands head and shoulders above ordinary golf pros.-

Donald K. Burleson
Kittrell, NC

Brad is a unique PGA Master Professional instructor. I have gone for golf lessons from Vermont to Fla. over the years and have never felt so relaxed with an instructor as I feel with Brad. He can communicate with a student in a way which removes the tension that I always have when I felt like the instructor was just putting up with me for an hour while checking the time to get to where he really wanted to be. Once that barrier is removed, real progress can be made. Its easy to see why he holds the highest PGA professional ranking for instructors-

Brad Clayton’s PuzzleDuck Golf offers golf instruction for players of all skill levels and desires.  From the raw beginner to the tour professional,  Brad offers golf instruction in North  and South Carolina with customized programs to suit everyone’s golf learning needs:

A single lesson will help a player confident with his/her swing, but who would like a refresher, a diagnosis and prognosis, or to improve one specific area of the game (putting, trouble, pitching, bunkers, pre shot routine and commitment, why the ball goes where it goes – ball flight laws, how to practice, etc).

I highly encourage people to commit to at least a Four Week Program if lasting positive results on their full golf swing are desired. A single lesson is simply not enough time to address all changes needed or for you to process and make the changes necessary for lasting results.

  • Adults 18 and over $115
  • Juniors 17 and under $95

Playing lessons are often overlooked.  It is very important to learn how to better PLAY the game rather than always focusing on simply hitting balls from a nice flat lie on the range with a basket full of mulligans.  A playing lesson will help you become more efficient in  –  managing your game, strategy,  shot selection, club selection, and  help you gain more knowledge about the rules and etiquette necessary to play golf as it should be played.  I can not stress enough the benefit of these lessons and urge you to include at least one in your Learning Program, no matter on what level you are as a player.

  • Adult $195
  • Junior $165

True golf swing and game improvement takes time…there is no magic potion.  Therefore…to reward those prepared to make the commitment of TRULY improving their game…I give a significant price advantage.  The more the commitment ….the greater the percentage of savings.  These Programs will be tailored to meet your needs and desires.

This program consists of four lessons taken once a week for four weeks.  It will help you specifically improve your short game (putting, chipping, pitching, and greenside bunkers) or your ball striking.

  • Adult single $390 (SAVES $70, $97.50 per lesson)
  • Adult couple $586 ($293 per person)
  • Junior single $330 (SAVES $50, $82.50 per lesson)
  • Junior couple $496 ($248 per junior)

This program consists of six lessons taken once a week for six weeks.  It can be used for your full swing only, to introduce golf to you if you are a beginner, or to tune you up on all areas of your game at any stage.  When used for the beginner or a tune up this program will cover the following: putting, chipping, pitching, full swing irons, full swing woods, bunker play, and rules and etiquette.

  • Adult single $555  (SAVES $135, $92.50 per lesson)
  • Adult couple $834 ($417 per person)
  • Junior single $465 (SAVES $105, $77.50 per lesson)
  • Junior couple $698 ($349 per junior)

This program consists of eight lessons taken once a week for eight weeks. It will help a player who would like to take “both” four-week programs, improving both the short game and ball striking. Four lessons will focus on the short game and four on ball striking. We will begin with your full swing so it will be monitored the full length of the program.

  • Adult single $700 (SAVES $220, $87.50 per lesson)
  • Adult couple $1050 ($525 per person)
  • Junior single $580 (SAVES $180, $72.50 per lesson)
  • Junior couple $810 ($405 per junior)

(Includes One Playing Lesson)
This Program is by far the BEST value…..It consists of twelve lessons taken once a week for twelve weeks plus one playing lesson and a follow up review within three months of completing the Program. It is an extremely solid beginning if you are new to the game or if you are looking to elevate your game to an even higher level of consistency and performance.

This Program will monitor your full swing for the full twelve weeks and will have lessons that cover the short game {four weeks} , how to practice, understand ball flight, pre shot routine and commitment, trouble shots and recovery, an on course playing lesson, and a follow up lesson for reinforcement. (Playing Lesson course fees that apply are not included)

  • Adult Single $1,235 (saves $455, $80 per lesson)
  • Adult Couple $1,854 ($927 per person)
  • Junior Single $1,010 (saves $390, $65 per lesson)
  • Junior Couple $1,516 ($758 per person)

Motivating presentations and clinics for both corporate outings and private groups are available throughout the year and can be designed to meet your specific needs.  Put together your own group or do something for your employees or clients with any Program and leave a positive impression that will last a lifetime!    See link on left side of page above “Motivational, Informational, and Trick Shot Clinics

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