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Brad Claytons’ PuzzleDuck Golf Book Video Links to book chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction http://youtu.be/__OjkZMM-vA
Chapter 2 N/A
Chapter 3 N/A
Chapter 4 / Pre Shot Routine Part 1 http://youtu.be/us411QlA7U4
Chapter 4 / Pre Shot Routine Part 2 http://youtu.be/bITFk1_X21g
Chapter 5 / Model Set Up http://youtu.be/7nCmQsX9HXA
Chapter 6 / The Full Swing http://youtu.be/y5o_ZvIJ34s
Chapter 7 / Reading Ball Flight http://youtu.be/zwLcEj35uTc
Chapter 8 / Putting http://youtu.be/Q99qp8EuUa8
Chapter 9 / ChiPitching http://youtu.be/b37wFUp9thw
Chapter 10 / Green Side Bunker Shots http://youtu.be/wG7J2hyiSMs
Chapter 10 / Fairway Bunker Shots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc2TcN1BWaU
Chapter 11 / Teaching Kids http://youtu.be/68GykNiisSA
Chapter 12 / Balance http://youtu.be/zgeMHRKM4II
Chapter 13 / Tracking Your Game N/A
Chapter 14 / How To Practice http://youtu.be/2rMkW9TBamg
Chapter 15 / Fun And Challenging Games http://youtu.be/o8VnCm23On4
Chapter 16 / Drills And What They Help N/A
Arms Across The Chest Drill http://youtu.be/vWcpmUPxdiw
Making Swings With Only Your Arms http://youtu.be/-M1FibNFlcc
Grip Down Drill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2xstjy7BZQ
Pushing An Object Away From The Ball http://youtu.be/2rFAuLruUe8
Forward Hand On Top Of A Club Swing Under http://youtu.be/X5Jqx_Kxueg
1 – 2 Drill http://youtu.be/yVZhKxmEA_g
Swinging On A Deck http://youtu.be/3BozN0238CQ
Swinging Up High And On Knees http://youtu.be/YXBdgrkhl2E
Swinging A Broom http://youtu.be/ailPrs2Bj3E
Belt Loop / Grab trailing hip Drill http://youtu.be/h67TqVkq-jg
Step Drill http://youtu.be/mFyX99Tf0Qw
Club Throwing Drill http://youtu.be/nLCZLZJ1T7c
Split Grip Drill http://youtu.be/mWMuIYP0o7Q
One Arm Left Arm Swings http://youtu.be/hL7JHtsXyEo
One Arm Right Arm Swings http://youtu.be/39ojckoKbA4
Pre Set Wrists And Swing http://youtu.be/OshCUVzigCY
Set, Rotate, And Swing http://youtu.be/zLDhP2mGVJI
Step Through Drill http://youtu.be/DtW9S6ezxTQ
Knock Down Shots http://youtu.be/mxqOr9MdMAg
Impact Position Drill http://youtu.be/bQgAhSw6hbk
Weed Whackin Drill http://youtu.be/_IXB1f-gLaY
Breathe In Going Back And Out Going Through http://youtu.be/Tgd-9IBIlFI
Slow Motion Swings http://youtu.be/a4TrIL8QRdk
Super Slow Motion Swings http://youtu.be/itiuIJJ9dIk
Towel Drill http://youtu.be/OAuSIPcOJwU
Swinging Back And Forth With No Pause http://youtu.be/PcfCcgtCBIw
Swing Path Station http://youtu.be/WJzlsJNUDAI
Effort Level Awareness http://youtu.be/9AsPBWP5Q18
Swings With Eyes Closed http://youtu.be/4D34WGsm2Jg
Chapter 17 / How To Take It To The Course N/A
Chapter 18 / Strategy And How To Manage A Hole N/A
Chapter 19 / Shots That Are Helpful To Have In Your Bag N/A
Long And Uphill Greenside Bunker Shots http://youtu.be/oiAXdEVrZUE
Buried Lie Uphill In Sand Bunker N/A
Uphill And Ball Above Your Feet http://youtu.be/kXOKXy2Z3mk
Downhill And Ball Below Your Feet http://youtu.be/Anffv8mQZ9k
Playing In The Wind / Knock Down Shots http://youtu.be/TIbYMsMqLV8
Bending Ball Flight http://youtu.be/xoc6ixZ6kX8
Flop Shots http://youtu.be/ECFAQnCiqYQ
Chapter 20 / PuzzleDuck Golf Book Summary http://youtu.be/801AyxyBUSE