Golf: A simple four letter word that many consider to be, another “four letter word”. It doesn’t have to be that way though. “There is no magic potion, but golf just doesn’t have to be that hard”, says PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching, Brad Clayton. If you are not satisfied with your golf game, are tired of the continuous circle of conflicting advice, and are ready for a simple approach to an over complicated game……..Brad Clayton’s PuzzleDuck Golf {Migrate to a more efficient swing and game} is a book worth reading. His method teaches “ONE” base motion from your shortest chip through your longest drive. Intertwined in the instruction of technique are personal stories and thoughts to help convey a clear and concise message for both your journey through golf and your journey through life.

There are hundreds of golf instruction books to choose from…..All with their own ideas and messages…..Brad separates himself by speaking directly to the reader in his own words and unedited style. In addition, along with the many pictures clarifying the text, Brad has also made available over 60 videos that coincide with each chapter on technique and every drill. This unique approach helps the reader not only understand the message through text and pictures, but also from hours of video made available.

Brad Clayton is a PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching that has been humbly honored to be the Carolinas Section PGA Teacher of the Year in 2008, the Carolinas Section Player Development Award Recipient in 2015, The National PGA of America Recipient of the Deacon Palmer Award 2015, and on the Top Teachers List in North Carolina by Golf Digest. He has taught in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Germany, and Austria. After losing his hand in 2000 in an accident that he calls “behind the birth of my children, the best thing that ever happened to me”, Brad has been able to reach people on a level he never dreamed possible, from wounded soldiers and marines in our latest wars on terror to people that were born with challenges to those that have endured accidents as well.

Students that have read the PuzzleDuck Golf book say, “I can hear Brads’ voice saying the words as I read them”. David Leadbetter {World renowned golf instructor and author} said, “ PuzzleDuck Golf by Brad Clayton is without doubt one of the most comprehensive game improvement books I have ever read.” Caryl Philips {Worldwide award winning Author} says, “ Working with Brad Clayton is an education in golf and life.” And Former PGA Tour player and current TV and radio analyst John Maginnes said, “Bradley’s passion and knowledge comes through on these pages and his story will inspire you to play better and enjoy golf more than you ever have.”

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