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Hey Brad:

Happy New Year:
I took advantage of the warm winter weather today and managed 7 holes before the rains came. I managed many excellent shots without too much arm swinging. I am beginning to believe you were right!!! looking forward to some additional good weather. It was the most enjoyable 7 holes I ever played

I‘m truly amazed on how much detail you are capable of seeing in golf, and how much it translated into the real world. you are truly a master of the game of golf and life. I can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Congratulations brother     Rafael

By the way, short game is getting much better since our last lesson and scoring much better overall.  I’m putting the way you taught me and it is getting so much better as well.
Best Regards,

Bill Pearson

Brad is a unique PGA Master Professional instructor. I have gone for golf lessons from Vermont to Fla. over the years and have never felt so relaxed with an instructor as I feel with Brad. He can communicate with a student in a way which removes the tension that I always have when I felt like the instructor was just putting up with me for an hour while checking the time to get to where he really wanted to be. Once that barrier is removed, real progress can be made. Its easy to see why he holds the highest PGA professional ranking for instructors.


Paul and I had a great morning on the golf course!

He played 5 holes (about 2 hours).  He started in the fairway as you suggested and got 2 bogies, 2 double bogies and a PAR!!!

He was so happy!!

He only had one flubber and several really great shots.

I served as cart driver, caddy and consultant. We both had a ball!

Thanks so much for your help and encouragement!


Hello Brad,

The lesson was great yesterday.  My mental picture is much much better of what I’m trying to do (and not trying to do).  I’ll be in touch soon on setting up the next lesson the week after next.

Best Regards,

John Cook

It’s going pretty good. I am having soreness in right elbow and knee.

I have shot some pretty good scores. I have won around 5 closest to the pins.

I really like what you taught me. Accuracy has improved and scores are coming.

Thanks, Jon

Hey Brad,

It is good to hear from you. My swing is starting to come around. I have practiced the grip down drill allot over the winter and weight transfer. I really enjoyed the lessons I took last year. I am hoping to take some follow up lessons. I do have a couple of friends interested in taking lessons. I will pass on your website information.

John H


Don’t know what this week will be like, but last week I had a 94, a 92 and an 89 at Henderson.  When I shot the 89, I birdied #3 and #15. Hit all my clubs pretty well and didn’t 3 putt but once. Had an 8 on #8 and still shot 89.  Lessons are paying off!



This is Jack Williams from Duke Golf Camp and I would just like to say thank you so much for helping me change my swing and teaching me so many new shots, such as the 9-7 iron shot out of the bunker. Turning my hips and moving my weight toward my front foot on my follow through helped me gain 15 extra yards on all my clubs and is making my accuracy better.

I just played in an AJGA event on Long Island and started off with 73, and 74 the first two days to put me in 15th place. Once again, thanks so much for all your help.

I hope to see you next year,

Jack Williams


First of all, you da man.  I hit balls today and did the drill we worked on yesterday and I struck the ball well.



I’ve been meaning to email you for a couple of weeks now to let you know how I have been playing. I’ve been trying to play twice a week and hit on the range atleast once a week depending on my school schedule. As of right now I am shooting 81-85 pretty consistantly with the occassional bump in the road. I have had a couple “records”for myself, 4 birdies in a round and shooting 38 on 9 holes so I feeling more confident in my game. It is still a work in progress but I am very please about the improvements I have made from the start of this summer until. (With your teaching lessons of course) Hope all is well your way, talk you to you later and take care.                Robert Bowen

Hey Brad!  I played for the first time yesterday. My swing was much better!! I think it is going to take awhile to put it all together on the course but I played much better. My putting was really good yesterday!!
Thanks for all your help, Mac

Hi Brad.  I heard you are seeing Mark Vignola next week.  I am Mark’s father.  We spent time together in mid-May.  I am writing to thank you for the help you gave me.  The two hours we spent together have helped my game trememndously.  Since spending time with you, I have consistenetl;y played better golf and shot my best round ever two weeks ago.  I nearly broke 80 on a course that I never shot less than 85 over many years.  I have moved my game from be happy breaking 90 to Pretty consistently shooting in the 80’s.  I do my drills every day and have learned to stand tall, come at the ball from the inside and “release” the club. I look forward to spending time with you again when I am in North Carolina.
Tony V

Bradley,  Thank you very much for working with me Tuesday afternoon. Incredible instruction, I am amazed at the golf swing you have taught me. I will keep flapping knowing that I will get there with your commitment and mine.
Thank You, Rick Hardison

Brad,  I just wanted to take the time and thank for the help and instructions you gave me at the Play Golf America Event at Parris Island’s golf course in SC.  I appreciate the time you took to spend with myself and everyone else that day.  You gave me advice on trying to keep my shoulders more level and not dip my front shoulder on the back swing.  I went and played the legends golf course on Parris island, on Monday and I shot my lowest score I have shot on the course.  I was shooting high 90s and sometimes in the low hundreds, I went and shot a 92, I’m still have to keep working on the advice you gave me and in no time I’m sure I’ll be in the 80s.  Thank you for taking the time to help me, I truly appreciate it and its really paying off in my golf swing.
Thanks, Greg Markley

Brad, Thanks so much for coming to Accessible Golf class at UNCW yesterday. I am still hearing positive comments from students. Your style of teaching is one they quickly relate to and find useful. Madison was particularly overjoyed at getting a lesson from you. I read the first part of your book and really liked it. It is the type of approach much needed in teaching golf. I can’t wait to read the whole book, keep plugging, and let me know if I can be of any assistance. Dan Dan Johnson PhD, LRT/CTRS  

Hello Brad.  I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for your help the week before my golf tournament.  I played in the Alamance County Amateur the first weekend in June.  As you know I took a lesson from you just one week prior to that.  I was a little concerned about getting a lesson so soon before the tournament but the things you showed me did not overwhelm me and I was able to use them to win the tournament.  I shot rounds of 68, 63 and 65 to win by four shots and set the tournament record by three strokes.  This was my first tournament in twelve plus years and I attribute my success to your instruction.  I look forward to working with you more in the future.  Please feel free to rewrite or use any part of this e-mail in your testimonials or anywhere else you would like for your website.  I look forward to your upcoming book and I hope to see you soon Thanks again,  Tim Clark

I’ve taken lessons from dozens of pros over the years and I’ve never seen any who match Brad in skill, patience and intuition. I’m a talent less hack with almost no athletic ability and Brad has worked wonders for me. Brad Clayton uses video analysis and feedback that makes me “feel” my errors, and he stands head and shoulders above ordinary golf pros. Donald K. Burleson Kittrell, NC

I want to thank you for all you have taught me this past year. I was barely breaking 100 when I first came to you. You have helped me tremendously. I am breaking 80 now and have even shot two rounds of 76 and one round of 75. Although my game does suffer when I don’t get what my Dad calls my “Brad fix”. You are an instructor of the highest quality with your students’ best interest at heart. I have enjoyed working with you and learning from you. I know the “love of the game” that you have taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life. THANK YOU BRAD. George

Just wanted to drop you a note. I just finished reading the article in Triangle Golf and wanted you to know you have a lot to be proud of. I had just finished playing (and not very well I would add) when I sat down to read this article. It made me feel a little better about myself and what I do. You are an inspiration and as a fellow PGA Member, I thank you for what you have done. Guys like you make the PGA look good. Thanks. Jon

Just wanted to say thanks for your help, and willingness to help. Hit a few balls today with that knuckle under the shaft and even though it obviously felt awkward and weak I did not hook any. I enjoyed meeting you, you’re a pretty inspirational guy Brad. Craig

Wishing you and yours and very healthy and prosperous new year. And thank you for patience, and expertise in the very fine way you teach. Best Regards Steve

Thanks, Brad.   I AM EXCITED! Have been practicing and could already tell a difference at the course. Can’t wait to learn more! Susan

I have played the best golf of my life after working with you, so you can guess how I feel about your ability to teach. The neatest thing about what I have learned is that I am able to fix things that go wrong as a rule. I think I shared with you my 69. I have had several 71’s and 72’s, which has me so excited about the game. Dave

Thank you so much for coming down to Wilmington yesterday and teaching my students. I had many of them pop their head in my door today and say good things. You are one of the most natural teachers I have gotten to watch on any subject. It was pleasure and a learning experience for me. Dan Johnson PhD LRT/CTRS

The lessons you give me improved my grip and my swing. I play with more confidence and I keep improving and learning all the time. I’ve meet my goal of shooting below 90 and even shot 80 once. The goal for next year is shooting par. I will be back for more lessons in 2006. Dave Brooks

Yesterday, I spent 1.5 hours on the range (5 grips-down swings to 1 normal), I noticed a very nice improvement in consistency! I hope this is a sign of more improvements to come. Regards, Donn

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