The best time of year to play golf {my favorite – crisp cool days}. We will start to have colder temperatures and some people begin to shy away from playing and practicing. The main reason people tend to shy away from the colder weather is, can you believe it, being uncomfortable from being cold and damp.

The tip this month has little to do with technique, but simply making your self more comfortable playing and practicing.

Choosing the correct clothing can and will make a significant difference in your comfort level which will directly influence your desire to practice and play. Wearing thinner clothing in layers has always worked well for me. With the materials clothing is being made from these days, this is easier than ever. Gone are the days of heavy thick sweaters.

Invest in these few articles and playing in cold and/or damp weather will be no big deal. You will be wondering what all the fuss is about concerning the weather and enjoying a longer golf season in crisp clean air.

  • Long Johns – Thin layer of thermal underwear, under armor – top and bottom
  • Heavy pants – Wool pants are great, but cotton etc., are fine as well.
  • High collars – Turtle neck tops are great for keeping in the heat
  • Vests – A vest {cotton or new high tech fabric} is great for your torso and doesn’t restrict your motion.
  • Rain suit – If you do not have one, you really need to invest in one – a rain suit – pants, top, and a hat that covers your neck. This means a quality rain suit. Zero makes the best as far as I am concerned. Rain suits are fantastic for breaking the wind and of course the damp weather.
  • Water-proof shoes – Two pair of socks with two extra pair in the bag. WATER PROOF SHOES – big time important, cold and wet feet are miserable!
  • Stocking cap – Use a fleece toboggan – a must, your head lets out a significant amount of body heat. I say fleece because they do not itch as bad as other materials
  • Hand mittens – Use golf mittens for your hands -When your hands get cold your feel will go right out of the window. A few hand warmers are great to have – you can get the simple ones that just need to be shaken and thrown away when finished.

With this warn golf outfit, you can literally play in weather from 30 to 70 degrees and be comfortable, rain or shine. Some of you may still say, no way, but for those that are true players, this outfit will help you stay dry, warm, and comfortable so you can enjoy your game even when it’s not perfect weather.