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Very seldom do I like to write about ball striking, because of the MANY variables that are involved from person to person and swing to swing, but……………..here is a “drill”/way to hit more solid golf shots and get into a better impact position without getting involved in swing mechanics and technical garbage that will confuse you. I can go on and on about where each body part should be at any given moment or position of a golf swing that is in or moving toward being in a “solid” impact position for striking solid golf shots, but that would take forever and would be so complicated for you to try and put yourself in those places based on where you were at set up, how you started the club away, where you were at the top of your swing, your sequence down and …………..WOW…is your head starting to spin too? Mine is….. : ) How about that run on sentence that just kept going and going? There are sooo many things that influence sooo many things. Oh….wait a minute…..didn’t I say there was a drill/way to hit shots without getting into all of that?

Again, it is very difficult to “write” articles that help the vast majority through text without “seeing” all of the variables that affect one another. That being said……I feel certain that this drill will help you feel more solid contact through compressing the ball and is also a great shot to play no matter what skill level you are. I talked a lot to get to this point, didn’t I? : )

Do this on the range first so you can give it a chance without consequences. Hit a few normal shots and gage how high you typically hit any given club. Use a tree line or clouds to give you an idea. Then….without adjusting anything in your set up, try to hit the ball as low as you can. The trick is that you must have a specific target and make sure that the ball starts either AT your target or to the RIGHT of your target {vice/versa if you are left handed}. Visualize your ball flying low and what must take place for it to do so. {Just a hint…..if the shaft is leaning toward the target at impact the club has less loft and will go lower. If it is leaning away from the target it has more loft and will go higher} You can visualize hitting a shot under a tree branch or a pole to help you. Do not compensate by moving the ball back in your stance. Gage the height of your ball and the lower you can make it go the better your impact position will be and the more compression and contact you will feel. I am not going to tell you how to do this…..that could get complicated. Let your feel and intuition lead you. Do this with any club in your bag and you will see more control and more distance.

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Brad Clayton, PGA MP

Brad Clayton is a PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching, the Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year in 2008, and ranked by Golf Digest as a Top Ten instructor in North Carolina.