Easy to see why so many people fall in love with the Low Country in the spring and fall. Weather is just fantastic. I hope everyone has been able to play as much golf as they like and that the little concepts you have read here have helped you improve your game. Thank you to those that have been sending in your feedback. I truly enjoy the interaction and ideas. Keep ‘em coming. I would like to thank Sanctuary Golf Club for all of their support and providing me with a wonderful venue to teach from and play.

Putting…….The shortest swing in the game and sometimes the most difficult and equally over complicated as the full swing and the rest of the game. There really is not that much to a putting stroke. Try these guidelines and I am very confident you will putt better.

First….As we discussed in week II, always aim the putter face first and then set yourself up to the putter.

Second….You can stand any way you like. What is important is that your arms and shoulders are parallel to the line the ball must start on. To get them so….let your arms hang freely under your shoulders vertical to the ground. Hold the putter with your palms facing one another and parallel to the clubface. Most people have putters that are too long for them. It is ok to grip down on the grip to allow for your arms to hang freely.

Third….Swing back and through approximately the same distance. The forward swing should be slightly longer than your backswing as your stroke should gradually accelerate through impact with the ball. The grip of the club and the head of the club should always be moving in the same direction. The head will travel further, but moving in the same direction back and through.

Fourth….Hold your finish position until the ball is either well under way or is in the hole.

Fifth…..Keep your head ABSOLUTELY dead still… : )

So…….Aim the putter face first with your shoulders, arms, and palms parallel to the starting line of the putt and your arms hanging vertically. Swing {1 back} then {2 through} and hold your finish position with your head dead still, making sure that the grip of the club and head of the club are moving in the same direction. Your distance control will improve when you hold your finish position with no “re coil”. This will also help your line and ability to roll the ball more consistently. Have fun with less three putts and making more! : )

Thanks for reading. Please let me know how much it helps and stay in touch. I ALWAYS enjoy your feedback and discussion! Please ask ANY questions. Email me at [email protected]

The very best to you and yours!

Very Sincerely

Brad Clayton, PGA MP

Brad Clayton is a PGA of America Master Professional in Teaching, the Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year in 2008, and ranked by Golf Digest as a Top Ten instructor in North Carolina.