Once again, we are talking about the winter season on the way. It is easy to say, “it is too cold and/or wet {wouldn’t the wet be nice?} outside to do anything related to golf”. Last month we talked about dressing properly, but if you really do not want to go out and play, what can you do then?

Stay familiar with a golf club. Keep one around and accessible, so you can pick it up through out the day or evening and just keep the feel of your grip and the weight of the club. The more you hold a club in your hands, the more comfortable it will feel and the greater the ease for you to place your hands on the grip properly.

Also, make practice swings, when you “safely” can. Anyone that knows me knows I am a big fan of practicing without a golf ball in front of you. If your spouse requires that you go outside for this, so be it, but you can step outside for five minutes in the coldest of weather, make a few swings, and keep a good feel for your motion.

All in all, try to hold a club as much as possible when you are not out playing and your clubs will not feel like total strangers to you when you do go back out on the links. You may actually be surprised to feel an urge to go out and play a few holes more than you might have in the past when your clubs got dust on them over the winter.

Like we said last month, if dressed properly, a round of golf in the crisp cold of the fall and winter is invigorating and refreshing.