It is that time of year again, fast approaching Spring, and a great time to start the golf season off in a positive direction. Overall we have had a very mild winter, but late January and February may have influenced you to keep the clubs in the house.

As the weather begins to get milder try and go over a few basic things to help you get that positive start to the coming season.


  1. Try to stretch a little and make sure your muscles and joints have at least some flexibility before you start swinging away with reckless abandon.
  2. Always go over your set up, the beginning to every good golf swing. Make sure your grip, foot position, alignment, ball position, posture, and tension level {relax but be ready} are where they need to be. Starting with a solid set up position gives you a much better chance to hit consistent gof shots.
  3. I can not say it enough, always swing in balance. Finish your swing facing your target with your trailing foot vertical, no pressure in that foot, and its’ shoe laces facing parrallel to your target line. If you can not hold your finish position and admire your shot, you are not in balance. Slow down, swing to a balanced finish position, and watch your consistency, control, and enjoyment of the game improve significantly.
  4. Remember that a refresher Program is a great way to get off to a positive start. Practicing with purpose and direction is the only sure way to continued improvement and now {whenever “now” may be} is always the best time to get started.