Tip Of The Month, May 2008

How and how often do you practice your putting? Probably not enough. How about your chipping/pitching? Probably not enough. How about your ball stiking, probably most of the time. So how much should you practice putting, chipitching, and ball striking? There are some that practice putting and chipitching more than hitting balls, but very few. I like to see practice divided equally between ball striking, chipping/pitching, and putting. Sometimes that ratio may change, depending on the state of your game, but 33.3% – 33.3% – and 33.3% is {to me} the best ratio. If you are struggling at a given time on a particular part of your game, you may like to work a little more on that particular area, but all three areas need consistent attention.

So, try to give equal attention to the three main areas of the game, ball striking, chipitching, and putting. You will score lower! Next month we will talk about how to practice putting.
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