As we get further into the summer, if we get rain, you will begin to see the rough grow and become more of a factor in your golf shots.

When your ball is sitting down in the rough, the longer grass will tend to wrap around the hozel of the club. When it does, the club face will shut down, influencing the ball to come out lower and to the left. To help combat the closing of the club face, grip a little down on the grip and grip the club firmer in your hands to help hold the club face squarer through impact.

Also, slightly move the ball back in your stance {short and long game}. This will help you strike the ball with a bit more of a descending path, so the grass will have less of a chance to wrap as much around the hozel and less grass will get between your clubface and the ball. When too much grass gets between your clubface and the ball, the ball will come off the club face with less spin and tend to “jump”. Less spin means more roll so play for it.

Now that you have your grip and ball position, go ahead and swing, but make sure you commit to the shot and swing through the grass with authority. There is no need to be scared and timid, be a bit more aggressive and get through the grass!

Around the greens you will need to play with a little more loft, so if you would normally use a 7-iron for a particular shot, you may consider an 8, 9, or pitching wedge to help control the extra roll caused by the longer grass.

I think a good “rule of thumb” is to use the club you normally would in your approach shots, The grass will slow down your club head speed, but moving the ball slightly back will, for example, make your 8 more like a 7 and the more lofted club will go through the grass easier than the less lofted club.

Remember, the ball will roll more, so play on the appropriate line. You may need to play away from the hole to make sure your next shot is from the easiest place to get up and down.

One last thought, as stated before, make sure your next shot is from the best possible area to get up and down.

You DO NOT always have to hit directly to the hole. Play left, right, short, or long to give yourself the best NEXT shot. Quite often, when you lose some control of your ball because of lack of spin caused by the longer grass, it is wiser to play away from the hole, take your medicine, and go on to the next hole, but with par or bogey and not double, triple, or worse.