The word commitment is equally as important in your golf game as it is in life itself. Have you ever stood over a drive, iron shot, chip, putt, or any shot for that matter and thought to yourself, “I am not sure this is right choice, but I’ll hit it anyway and see”?

You may be between clubs, unsure about the wind, not sure how much break to play a putt, or trying to hit a shot you’re not completely sure you can execute and the indecision will simply significantly diminish your chances for success.

Sometimes you will get lucky and things will work out, but many more times than not, your results will be less than desirable. The next time you play, try to hit every shot with commitment.

After the shot be able to say, even if you did not pull off the shot or hole the putt, “I was committed to my decision”. If the decision was wrong, so be it, learn from the mistake, but you gave yourself the best possible chance for success by committing to the shot, right or wrong.