Have you ever gotten upset at a bad golf shot or bad break? Of course you have, we all have. The question is – How did and how does it effect you? Do you get mad, irritated, accept it for what it is, laugh, etc. etc.?

What if it happens again the next shot and the next, Does your patience begin to wear thin or have you already thrown a club, used a few bad words, or just pouted?

The way we look at golf has a direct impact on how we play. Every one has a different personality, but we should still have a certain bit of control over our emotions. The minute you lose control, your golf game will normally suffer.

When we get ill, pouty, or just down right mad, our muscles tighten and our ability to make rational decisions diminishes, resulting in even more less than desirable shots and decisions, ultimately costing us golf strokes and the ability to enjoy ourselves and the game, let alone making it miserable for our playing partners.

My suggestion for this month is to let it go, just let go of your expectations and get out of your own way. Change the way you look at less than desirable golf shots, and try to learn from your mistakes.

It is easy for me to preach this, but I guarantee that if you lighten up, have a short memory, and try on every shot to the best of your ability in that given moment, your scores will come down, you will have more fun, and so will the people around you.